Accessorize your ride Kiosk

SA365 offers a Accessorize your ride kiosk, a one-stop shop for your customers to browse and purchase accessories, driving better customer engagement while in store. These kiosks are equipped with the latest Apple iPad showcasing our easy-to-use website that is personalized to your dealership. This will not only help your customers feel more inclined to personalize their vehicle but gives your associates the ability to assist their clients with accurate pricing and accessory visuals. 

Honda Kiosk

Apple Display

Get the right information

SA365's admin portal gives you direct access to see reports on your customers, sales associates, spending habits, purchasing and sales, product engagement, and search results. This allows you to keep track of what products customers are most interested in, allowing you to stay on-top of accessory stock and assists you in determining how your sales associates compare to each other on accessory sales. Let this information be a guide to aid you in making strategic marketing decisions.